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Afterimage 4: Photograph Found on a Street in Paris, 10 June 2010


Aigle Azur: Postcard Sent by Gabrielle Le Cabri and Received in Manchester by Joseph McGonagle


The Ghost of the Rue de Marseille

Leaving Paris, I photograph one more ghost on the Rue de Marseille, before catching the train for that city.

Grande Mosquée de Paris

To clear my mind of the visual debris of urban wandering, on my last evening in Paris before heading further south towards Algeria, I photograph this detail from one of doorways of the city’s main mosque.

Ghosts: De Gaulle, Metro Stalingrad, Paris

Ghosts: Hopper, Metro Stalingrad, Paris

Man About Town, Near Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad, Paris

Dedicated to Gabrielle Le Cabri, in whose company I made this photograph.

Photomaton, Cabine No. AL07, Gare du Nord, Paris, 08h05

Chios-Paris-Algiers: Eugène Delacroix