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Photograph Found Outside the Algerian Consulate, London, 7 June 2010

And this is where my journey began over a month ago, picking up stray photos from the pavement outside the Algerian Consulate in London as I waited for a visa.


Quebec, UK: Postcard Sent by Ed Welch and Received in Manchester by Joseph McGonagle

An Algerian in Manchester: Postcard Sent by Djihed Afifi and Received in Manchester by Joseph McGonagle

On Boulevard Zirout Youcef

To cross the desert

Living in hope and limbo

Or take to the sea

Streets on Fire, After Algeria Draw 0-0 with England, Le Vieux Port, Marseille, 18 June 2010

Following an uninspiring match lacking flair and imagination, Algerian fans take to the streets of Marseille. Heaven only knows what would have ensued if the Algerian team had actually won. I might find out in Algiers, when they meet the U. S. A. The team has apparently been preparing for these clashes with imperialist powers by watching The Battle of Algiers (1966).

Victoria to Dover

A fatality on the track shortly after leaving London results in a long delay as the crime scene ahead of us is investigated.

Tottenham Court Road to Arsenal 3

As Zineb observes, a journey doesn’t necessarily involve travel from one country to another. Riding the train from one Tube station to the next can also be a journey.

Tottenham Court Road to Arsenal 2

Tottenham Court Road to Arsenal 1