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Independence Day, Algiers

Independence Day and my last day in Algiers. Half-hearted celebrations, a few more flags and police than usual. Algerians seem largely to ignore the national holiday, with many shops open for business and young couples strolling on the sea front. Nationalism is perhaps here, as elsewhere, only a ghost of contradictions, summoned as troubled cultural expression and conflicted by ethnic grievances. It is also a presiding spirit of resistance to the economic dispossession and police control of Algerians by an oil-rich elite at home, as well to the marginalisation of Algerian minorities in France. It was this spirit that imbued the carnivalesque repossession of public space by Algerians in the centres of Marseille and Paris during the 2010 World Cup.


North to North, from Place Kettani, Algiers

A glimpse of freedom on the margins of the city.

North to North, from Place Kettani, Algiers

The Handmade Notebooks (5) of the Graphic Designer, Zineddine Bessaï, aka T. Kharbishine

On Boulevard Zirout Youcef

To cross the desert

Living in hope and limbo

Or take to the sea

Between Havana and Izmir

From Shakespeare Road, Brixton, to Boulevard Docteur Frantz Fanon, Algiers. Crossing the looking glass of the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean, Prospero becomes Caliban. In the cross-currents between North and South, East and West, names, passports, skin, and masks are shed as flotsam. I am writing this as I drift through a city somewhere on the map between Havana and Izmir.

Afterimage 3, Terminal Interzone, Marseille – Algiers

Arrival, Algiers, 21 June 2010

Departure, Marseille, 20 June 2010

Terminal Interzone, Marseille – Algiers, 20 June 2010