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Building by Fernand Pouillon, Seraidi

A respite from the noise, dirt, and restless frustration of Algerian reality below to the clear light, air, and silence of the mountain village of Seraidi. For my friend, Atef, the contrast is startling between the divine perfection of nature above, untouched by man or politics, and the man-made hells of colony and post-colony, below. Up here, a moment’s glimpse of heaven before one remembers that Seraidi was an epicentre of violent unrest in the 1990s


Danger Parabolique, Boulevard Krim Belkacem, Algiers

Greek Key, Place Kettani

Afterimage 3, Terminal Interzone, Marseille – Algiers

Arrival, Algiers, 21 June 2010

Departure, Marseille, 20 June 2010

Terminal Interzone, Marseille – Algiers, 20 June 2010

Rue d’Alger 3, Marseille

Rue d’Alger 2, Marseille

Rue d’Alger 1, Marseille