A Window to the Outside, Annaba

Photographed at an internet cafe, where talk revolved around the illicit departure on the same evening of two local fishing boats bound for Sardinia. Wooden, worm-eaten, and built to hold three or four comfortably, they each carried a dozen aspiring emigrants on the approximately 20-hour journey to Sardinia, across the treacherously calm waters of the Mediterranean. The fare for passage: about £300.


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  1. Djihed on

    You know, from the hotel up there, it wouldn’t surprise me if you could spot the odd boat going to Sardinia. Some “quartiers” in Annaba were literally deserted of their youth who went on hoping for jobs and money. Every summer it’s the same tale of sadness: the odd boat disappearing, people found on the shore here and there, others held in camps in Sardinia, and the almost surreal stories of money and success these people keep their hopes up for!

  2. Felipe Guerra on

    Fotografía realmente interesante. Pero después de leer el comentario de Djihed que podría decir. La foto es muy, muy bonita me recuerda a uno de mis retratistas favoritos Edward Hopper.

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