Les Femmes d’Alger, Avenue Victor Hugo

Virtually the only way to photograph on the streets of Algiers is with the iPhone.


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  1. kenza nezzar on

    and my dear friend what made you photograph those veiled girls their are many algerian women without veil,I insiste you have either a facination or a disdain for veiled women

  2. johnperivolaris on

    Dear Kenza,

    Neither a fascination nor disdain. But, why should veiled women not appear in photographs? Surely they are not invisible on the streets of Algiers.

    All best,


  3. johnperivolaris on

    Dear Kenza,

    There certainly are. In fact, one appears in the background of this photograph, by way of contrast. However, I might be criticised for cropping her head. Is such cropping misogynist?



  4. kenza nezzar on

    Dear John,

    I don’t think you are misogynist hahahaha …,heaven forbide, you have surely been told by someone that I suspect some men for being so,I guess I know who

    • johnperivolaris on

      Dear Kenza,

      Thank you for your stimulating comments during my journey. They raised important issues. I look forward to continuing our though-provoking conversation.

      All best wishes,


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