Beauty and Waste


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  1. Felipe Guerra on

    Is it a nuclear refuge? I have been looking at it very carefully & it reminds me of Le Corbusier but nothing else comes to my head. Just the title gives me a little clue but I am not sure.

    • jmcgonagle on

      Dear Felipe

      At the top you can just about make out the caption ‘Le collecteur des déchets ménagers’ – this is therefore a base for the collection of household waste in Le Corbusier’s housing development. Of course, following on from John’s comments on the French love of nuclear power, who knows how radioactive the household waste might be? In any case, let’s hope it might offer residents some protection in the advent of nuclear war…

      Best wishes


      • Felipe Guerra on

        Thank you Joe for your kind explanation. Though I should try to improve it my French is not that good.

        Mercy beaucoup mon ami.

      • jmcgonagle on

        De nada, Felipe: ¡no te preocupes!

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