Streets on Fire, After Algeria Draw 0-0 with England, Le Vieux Port, Marseille, 18 June 2010

Following an uninspiring match lacking flair and imagination, Algerian fans take to the streets of Marseille. Heaven only knows what would have ensued if the Algerian team had actually won. I might find out in Algiers, when they meet the U. S. A. The team has apparently been preparing for these clashes with imperialist powers by watching The Battle of Algiers (1966).


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  1. kenza nezzar on

    Oh,Mr Jhon you seem very surprised by the Algerian reaction,it is because you don’t know the Algerian mentality,You know if they had won the match they surely,would have hag every English player with effusion,I received yesterday a message from my friend Joseph MacGonagle telling me you arrived to Algiers,wish all success in you mission.

    All the best Kenza

    • johnperivolaris on

      Dear Kenza,
      I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the Algerians’ passion. If you live in Algiers it would be a pleasure to meet you and maybe celebrate Algeria’s inevitable victory over the USA.
      Very best wishes,

      (1, 2, 3, we love Algérie!)

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