The Ghost of the Rue de Marseille

Leaving Paris, I photograph one more ghost on the Rue de Marseille, before catching the train for that city.


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  1. jmcgonagle on

    Hi John
    Your post reminds me of another link between the two cities: Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac’s thriller ‘D’Entre les morts’, which Hitchcock remade as ‘Vertigo’. Whereas the American adaptation was famously set in San Francisco, the original is based first in Paris, then Marseille; the former epitomised in the character of Madeleine Gévigne, the latter by the woman – Renée Sourange – whom Flavières transforms into a reincarnation of Madeleine. Another ghost to add to your collection.
    Best wishes

  2. edwelch on

    Dear John,

    Seeing as you’ve hooked up with the ghost of Walter B, don’t let him lead you astray in Marseilles. If you’re not careful, he’ll have you smoking hashish.

    Bonne continuation,


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