Postcard Sent by Brenda Burrell and Received in Manchester by Joseph McGonagle


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  1. johnperivolaris on

    Dear Brenda,
    Yet again, with this darkly seductive card, you are literally proving to be the éminence grise of the project. If North and South provide one of the binaries along which this journey stretches, Northern darkness and Mediterranean light provide another. In fact, my autobiography, especially as a photographer, also vacillates between the two.
    Keep these dispatches from the North coming. I shall continue to respond from the South.
    All best,

  2. Brenda on

    I am so pleased this arrived, although like the developing of a roll of film, the waiting was good too. Somehow the implementation of every new technological whizz always holds the frisson that it might not work.
    More soon.

  3. Perivolaris Moves North on

    […] I’m sending John a small series of photographs taken on deep dark Saddleworth Moor while I was staying at a sleepy little hotel under the hillside, away from the cacophany of the city, and with free wifi to boot. This may or may not be one of the pictures: I don’t want to pre-empt the triangulation. The one at the top is an alternative version of the postcard that’s already arrived. […]

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