Photomaton, Cabine No. AL07, Gare du Nord, Paris, 08h05


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  1. Felipe Guerra on

    Very good series John. I think of Monet trying to capture the little differences & nuances on light and colour.
    To talk about Warhol would be to obvious. Isn´t it?

  2. malì erotico on

    Hi, I’m Malì and I have this project:
    “Photomaton Mania Project wants to be the biggest photo booth collection in the world, with contributors from all times and all places. Send your best shots (minimum size:500×700 px at 300dpi) and include information about the city, country, and year the picture was taken in (required). and a title or your name (optional). The projects purpose is to create a web site and a book when 10,000 different peoples pictures are collected.”
    for the moment is only on facebooK:!/pages/Photomaton-Mania/157701730916309?v=info&ref=mf
    can I use your pics too?
    thanx a lot

    • johnperivolaris on

      Dear Malì,

      Your project is wonderful. I would be honoured to have my picture included. Please send me a link when it is.

      All best,


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