Postcard Sent by Ed Welch and Received by Joseph McGonagle in Manchester


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  1. Brenda on

    If the Swing Bridge was in action, and it was 5th June, I am in the control room on top, and may be in your photo.

  2. edwelch on

    It was indeed, around 8pm that evening. How funny if you were there unbeknownst to me. Yet another example of the serendipity at work in this project…

  3. Brenda on

    Synchronicity and triangulation, Ed. Wonderful. I might send you a postcard from the Bridge.

    • edwelch on

      Triangulation being the essence of cardography, of course… I’ve just read your blog post, and learned that the Swing Bridge can do a full 360 degree turn. As John goes from North to South to North, the metaphor becomes even richer. It’s good that between us, we are keeping him anchored with images of the *true* North.

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