Manchester-Marseilles, 18 December 2009

Hi Joe and Ed,

Always a pleasure to meet up with you two.

By the way, I arrived home from Manchester to find the Shoot It! postcard of the Algerian swallow on my doormat. It had been mangled, creased, and distressed on its postal journey to me. All part of the poignant materiality involved in the transition from the digital virtuality of the iPhoneograph to the physicality of the postcard. While we’re on the subject of the haunting of the digital world by physical objects, I am attaching a Polaroid I made on my iPhone using the Polarize app. It was snapped yesterday at the moment we were trying to decide where exactly we might place Zinedine Zidane in the postcolonial world. Though we were freezing in Deansgate, our thoughts were in Marseilles.

All the very best,



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  1. FrancesLee on

    Love the photo

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